Thursday, June 14, 2012

Remember This Thursday

With today being Thursday, it's obvious that my goal of posting every Wednesday hasn't exactly gone to plan. So here is "Remember This? Thursday." Enjoy!

I’ve come to realize that I didn’t have a typical music education growing up - thanks to my dad. There was always some kind of music on in the house. But not just the typical Top 40 hits everyone knows. There were bonus tracks, B-sides, and of course – silly songs. Over the years I would listen to these songs with friends thinking they, too, knew the words to Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. But alas, I often got blank stares. What was wrong with these kids? Everyone knows the song "Does Your Chewing Gun Lose Its Flavor (on the bedpost overnight)"- right?

So when this song popped in my head the other day...

...I asked my husband to help me remember which song it was. I only had the “Why is everybody always picking on me” part stuck in my head, so I tried to describe it to him.  When he still had no idea, we did the only thing you can do in a situation like this – Googled it. The first few notes took me right back to my childhood. And the words came flowing back from some recess of my memory. Charlie Brown! That’s it! I was pumped. My husband…not so much. I got the same blank stare as so many times before. But I didn’t care. I just relished the fact that I had a great teacher to expose me to such musical masterpieces – thanks dad!

Oh, and once I heard this song, it also brought to mind the “Yakkity, yak. Don’t talk back” song. So for your listening pleasure, here’s that one too:


  1. And my dancing on your driveway was probably the same dancing I did to it in your childhood too.

  2. My dad likes to say "Why's everybody always picking on me?" like the song. I couldn't have named the song either, though I've heard it. Yakety yak reminds me of some 80s movie (which I just googled, so it must be Twins or The Great Outdoors).